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LOJM Global Tabernacle Miracle Crusades!

“Then a cloud covered the tent of the congregation, and the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle.”

Exodus 40:34

The glory of the Lord or the Shekhinah glory filled the Wilderness Tabernacle, which was an emblem of Christ, the brightness of his Father`s glory, dwelling in and filling the tabernacle of the human nature, where the Godhead, the Shekhinah, the divine Majesty, dwells bodily.The Shekhinah, which is the Divine Eternal Word, was not yet made flesh, but it came down in the Tabernacle in the Wilderness and dwelt among the Israelites when they were wandering in the Wilderness.

The Shekhinah settled over the Wilderness Tabernacle and it was a token of God`s presence constantly visible day and night to all Israel. The Shekhinah glory of God was manifested by light and fire; for God is light; our God is a consuming fire. Moses was not able to enter into the tent of the congregation, at the door of which he attended, till the splendour was abated, and the glory of the Lord retired within the veil.

But what Moses could not do, has been done by our Lord Jesus, whom God caused to draw near and approach, and who, as the forerunner, has for us entered, and has invited us to come boldly even to the mercy-seat. He was able to enter into the holy place not made with hands (Hebrews 9:24); Nay! Christ Himself is the True Tabernacle, and is filled with the glory of God, even with the divine grace and truth prefigured by this fire and light. In Christ, the Shekhinah took up its rest for ever, for in Christ dwells all the fulness of the godhead bodily. God will dwell with those that repent of their sins and seek Him diligently. The broken and contrite heart, the clean and holy heart,

that is furnished for His service, and devoted to His honour, shall be His rest for ever; here will Christ dwell by faith, Ephesians 3:17. Where God has a throne and an altar in the soul, there exists a living temple of God!

In the same way the Shekhinah Glory of Lord filled the tabernacle in the time of Moses, the Shekhinah glory of Christ is manifested in LOJM Global Tabernacle Miracle Crusades!

Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah is waiting to heal, deliver, and transform your life in LOJM Global Tabernacle Miracle Crusades! Just come to LOJM Tabernacle Crusades and experience the love, peace, and power of the Risen Christ! He is waiting for you in LOJM Global Tabernacle Miracle Crusades to meet your every need and to restore you in every way!

Lives will be transformed by the uncompromising truth of Scripture and miracle-working power of the Holy Spirit. We will call out to every creature like a VOICE in the WILDERNESS, until the Whole World Hears the Gospel Message!!!

So come and worship and EXPERIENCE the Shekinah Glory of God at the next LOJM Tabernacle Miracle Crusade in your area.


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If you would like to volunteer for LOJM next Tabernacle Miracle Crusade in your area, please

to send us a message. We need helpers to help us set up the tents, greet people, prayer groups, etc.....

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