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Home Empowerment Programs

LOJM GLOBAL Women and Children’s Empowerment Program:

In most third world countries, heinous atrocities are committed against women and children who are society’s most vulnerable because they are the poorest of the poor. As a result most women in poor nations have experienced physical, sexual, or emotional abuse at some point in their lives. These women are termed battered and disadvantaged and have lost the sense of self worth, pride and self respect. They lack the ability to fend for themselves as they have limited or no access to jobs, education, and empowerment programs. Coupled with the fact they often have to provide for their children as a result they are forced to exist in sub-standard hygienic conditions.

Poor, disadvantaged women, desperately need adult education programs that will enable them to learn proper hygiene, become knowledgeable and in control of their own reproductive health, learn about wholesome diets, and how to protect themselves against communicable diseases such as AIDS/HIV transmission etc. These abused women need protection against domestic violence, and to learn empowerment skills that will afford them self-sufficiency so that they can break free from the abuse and poverty cycles in which they have been thrust into. 

Carving out a New Path to Self-Reliance through LOJM Global Outreach Programs:


LOJM Global Outreach Programs will empower women globally to make health, education, and financial changes that will have lasting impact and give them real options for their futures. This program will give women access to: the opportunity and discipline to save money, education to build life skills, and social support—something critically important if they are to stand up for their rights and make their own choices.

LOJM Global Outreach Programs will:

  • Operate Empowerment Centres for abused women to teach them employable skills such as sewing, typing, and to teach them how to establish small businesses which will afford them self sufficiency

  • Operate education programs for women and girls which will include topics such as women’s health and hygiene with an emphasis on the prevention of malaria and HIV/AIDS.

  • Provide social empowerment counseling so that women can improve their self-esteem and attain leadership positions in their communities.

  • Provide economic empowerment, such as accessing financial services, managing money which will allow then to have independent livelihoods.

Volunteers Needed!

If you would like to volunteer to help abused women, children or poor people in India or Guyana, South America where we are currently working, please click on the link below and contact us.


Do tell us where you are located in the world, what languages you speak and how long you can help us, help those who the world seems to have forgotten! Be blessed!

If you cannot volunteer to minister physically with us, but you would like to help us financially, just click on the link below. All donations are tax deductible.


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