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Donate to LOJM Global Outreach and Evangelistic efforts to minister to the poorest of Christís brethren and to bring in the harvest of souls!.
LOJM is a501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and as such is charitable religious organisation that iseligible to receive tax-deductiblecontributionsinaccordance with Code section 170. Receipts will be issued for all donations received.
The seed you plant online today goes immediately around the globe to help with LOJM evangelical crusades, empowerment programs for the poor, missionary trips, purchase of bibles, support of the LOJM Bible schools, LOJM orphanages, food and clothing banks etc. You can earmark your donations specifically where you would like it to be used.
Only heaven will reveal what you have done in winning the lost through your seed-faith gifts to help Reverend Dukhia and her ministerial team take the life-saving and miracle-working message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations during these prophetic days!
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